Our God Can Fix Anything


A little boy took his broken toy to his daddy & asks him if he can fix it.  The dad looks at the broken toy -- & studies it as he tries to decide how best to repair it's brokenness.  The boy becomes impatient -- & says, "Hurry up daddy, hurry up!"  The dad makes a few adjustments & continues to work on the toy -- but the boy becomes increasingly impatient.  Finally the boy can wait no longer -- & reaching up takes the toy from his dad -- & says -- "I'll just play with it the way it is!"


Do you have anything in your life that you wish God would fix -- if you would only allow Him to do so?  I have good news for you today: -- Our God can fix anything!


Genesis 18 -- tells us an unusual story about a time when the Lord God appeared personally to Abraham.  One day about noon -- as Abraham was sitting at the entrance to his tent -- he suddenly noticed three men standing nearby.  Abraham got up & ran to meet them -- welcoming them by bowing low to the ground.  "My lord," he said -- "if it pleases you, stop here for a while. -- Rest in the shade of this tree while my servants get some water to wash your feet. -- Let me prepare some food to refresh you. -- Please stay awhile before continuing on your journey."


They agreed to stay & enjoy a meal with Abraham -- & during their conversation, one of them asked Abraham where his wife, Sarah, was -- & then He said something incredible: -- "About this time next year I will return -- & your wife Sarah will have a son."  Now Sarah was just inside the tent, listening to their conversation -- & when she heard this -- she laughed at the idea.  Impossible -- she thought; -- at 90 years of age, she was well beyond the years of childbearing; -- & Abraham, at almost age 100, was too old to father a child!  "How could a worn-out woman like me have a baby?" -- she thought.  "And when my husband is also too old?"


Let's read what God said about Sarah's laughter: -- Genesis 18:13-14 Then the Lord said to Abraham,  "Why did Sarah laugh & say, 'Will I really have a child,  now that I am old?'  Is anything too hard for the Lord?

I will return to you at the appointed time next year -- & Sarah will have a son"  (NIV).  Here is God's loving challenge to you & me even today!  God asks the same question of us today!  "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"


Each one of us -- at one time or another -- has to face some very difficult situations during our life!  In the midst of them -- God is asking us: -- "Do you think your problem is too hard for me to fix? -- Do you believe I can work it out for you -- even though you may think it's impossible?"  Are you willing to let Me fix it?  Are you willing to give Me time to fix it?


Throughout the Old Testament -- we see God at work through impossible situations!  We watch as God parts the waters of the Red Sea; -- makes the sun to stand still in the sky; -- delivers three young Hebrew men from a fiery furnace; -- & delivers Daniel from a lion's den.  But this subject of impossibilities becomes even more interesting in the New Testament.


In fact, Jesus tells us -- "The things which are impossible with men -- are possible with God. -- All things are possible with God" (Luke 18:27).


The Lord God is able to meet all our needs whatever they may be!  Nothing is too difficult -- too hard -- for Him!  When we have faith -- when we rely on God -- when we wait upon Him -- then truly nothing is impossible!  Do you believe this Word from the Lord, today?  Do you accept that God can perform the impossible -- in your marriage -- in your family -- on your job -- for your future?


It is not enough for us simply to believe in God as Creator -- the Maker of all things!  We also have to believe He's the God Who yearns to do the impossible in our lives!  The Bible makes it so very clear: -- If we don't believe this about God -- we don't trust God at all!  Nothing in your life is beyond God's ability to fix!  The Lord says so very clearly: -- "I'm your God -- & I can fix it!"


Nothing exceeds God's power! -- No problem intimidates Him.  No obstacle is too big for God.  Anything -- yes, everything -- is possible with God!  The all-knowing -- everywhere present -- all powerful Creator & sovereign God can fix anything!  You do not prove the resources of God until you trust Him for the impossible!  Ann Kimbell wrote a delightful little book entitled -- I Love the Word Impossible -- & she would say: -- "God specializes in things thought impossible." 


Let's ponder on what this means to you & me as the children of God.  Allow me to share with you this morning some solid Biblical examples -- Examples of God doing the impossible!


1.    Jesus Heals A Demon Possessed Boy!


In Mark 9 -- a distraught father brought his demon possessed son to Jesus' disciples -- seeking the boy's deliverance.  This boy was not simply troubled -- or rebellious.  This boy was full of evil spirits -- & the spirits controlled his every action.  The demon in control of him would dash him to the ground -- & make him foam at the mouth like a mad dog -- & he would grind his teeth -- & he would become rigid.  This poor boy was considered absolutely hopeless.   His father had to hold onto him continually -- because the demons constantly tried to cast his son into the nearest river -- or lake -- or open fire -- wanting to kill the poor lad.  It had to be a full-time job just keeping the child alive!  Imagine the number of scars & burn marks on that poor body.  It must have broken his father's heart daily to see his son in that condition -- with no one able to help!


Scripture tells us the disciples prayed over the boy -- perhaps for a long time -- but nothing happened.  It must have seemed like an impossible situation!


But then Jesus came on the scene!  When Jesus asked what was going on -- the father explained: -- "I brought my son to your disciples -- but they couldn't heal him. -- He is a hopeless case!"  Jesus simply responded: -- "All things are possible for him who believes; -- I can fix it for you!"  Then with just a simple word -- Jesus made the impossible a reality; -- He rebuked the demon & said: -- "I command you to come out of this child."  At that point, the boy fell to the ground as if dead -- but Jesus took him by the hand & helped him to his feet & the boy stood & the boy was perfectly all right!


Can you imagine the joy at this moment?  The boy must have run to his father & embraced him!  The father's heart must have leaped with joy & excitement!  God had fixed it all!


Now -- why did the Holy Spirit move Mark to include this story in his Gospel?  I believe it was so that every parent from that moment forward would know God can be trusted to do the impossible with their children!  The Lord was saying: -- "I can restore anything & anyone! -- If you'll just believe, all things will be possible to you through me."


All over the world today -- multitudes of Christian parents agonize because their children are under the devil's power!  I see the pain in the eyes of a mother! -- I see a heart-broken father who never dreamed his child would turn to drugs!  The devil has told these parents that their children are hopeless -- that their problems can never be fixed!  The devil has convinced them of a powerful lie -- that even God is unable to help them!


Maybe you think your unsaved love-one is hopeless -- that he/she will never come to Jesus!  Maybe you have given up hope for your husband -- your wife -- your son -- or your daughter -- your grandchild!  But no person is ever too far gone for God to fix!  I know many a Christian who can testify today -- "I prayed for my loved-one for years. -- Then one day -- after I'd almost given up hope -- God broke through! -- God saved & delivered my loved one!"


We must never give up on anyone -- because nothing is impossible with our God! -- Our God can fix anything!


2.    Jesus Brings Life To A Little Girl Who Had Died!


Mark 5 tells the story of Jairus -- the desperate ruler of the synagogue -- who asked Jesus to heal his little daughter.  The twelve-year-old girl was dangerously near the point of death.  Jairus pleaded with Jesus to come to his house & lay hands on her.  Jesus agreed to go with him -- but first Jesus stopped along the way to minister to a woman with a blood disease; -- the woman who touched the hem of Jesus' garment -- & who was healed.  While Jesus tarried -- a messenger came with tragic news!  It was too late -- Jairus' daughter had already died.  Jairus' heart was gripped with grief; -- he no doubt thought -- "If only we had gotten there on time! -- But now it's too late!


But Jesus ignored their comments & said: -- "Don't be afraid.  Just trust me."  As they approached Jairus' home -- they heard sounds of wailing & mourning -- people grieving over the little girl who had just died. 


Picture with me the contrast in this scene: -- Here was God in the flesh -- Creator of the Universe -- able to perform any work imaginable! -- And yet the people were weeping in His presence!  In short -- they were testifying -- "God can only help as long as there is some sign of hope left -- but once all life is gone -- there is no need to call on Him anymore. -- Even God couldn't restore that kind of situation!"  But -- my friends -- even when hope is dead -- God is still alive!


Jesus rebuked such unbelief! -- He asked: -- "Why are you crying & carrying on like this? -- The child isn't dead. -- She is just asleep."  -- And the people laughed at Him!  Jesus was trying to tell them: -- "This situation is not what you see or think! -- You think all hope is gone. -- But I say there is restoration."  With that -- Jesus went into the little girl's room -- & taking her by the hand He said: -- "Get up little girl" She jumped up & walked around; -- her parents just couldn't get over it!


Now -- why did the Holy Spirit include this story in Mark's Gospel?  I believe He did it to show that nothing is too "dead" -- too far gone -- for God to restore to life & wholeness!  God is saying to us today: -- "Put your trust in me to fix your problem; -- It is never too late for me too work!"  Oh, how many Christians today no longer call upon the Lord -- because they think their problem -- their situation -- is beyond hope!


Multitudes of people trust God only until something in their life dies! -- I'm not referring to the death of a person.  I'm talking about the death of a marriage -- a relationship -- a dream -- your hope for an unsaved loved one -- anything in your life you think is impossible to fix -- impossible to change or restore!  That is what I am talking about!


Like the people in this story -- you may laugh at the idea of there being any more hope! -- Laughing at God is wasting your breath!  God can do whatever He pleases!  Laughing with God, however -- is a glorious experience of rejoicing in promises fulfilled -- & life enriched!


Are you like Jairus' family & friends -- sitting around wringing your hands -- & talking about how hopeless things are?  God can bring back to life anything you have given up as dead!  Even when hope is dead -- God is still alive!


All it takes is one word from Jesus -- & that which was dead springs to life!  We must never give up on anything -- because nothing is impossible with our God! -- Our God can fix anything!


3.    Jesus Produces A Coin to Pay Taxes!


Are you having financial problems -- unable to pay your bills?  Jesus' disciples were having that problem -- & Jesus fixed their situation supernaturally!  When tax time came around -- Jesus & His disciples had no money to pay the needed amount. -- So how did the Lord fix the situation?  He sent Peter out to catch a fish!  Jesus told Peter he would find a coin in the mouth of the first fish he caught -- & that coin would cover their tax bill!


The story is told in Matthew's Gospel -- chapter 17.  Matthew tells us that Jesus & His disciples arrived in Capernaum -- & the tax collectors for the Temple came to Peter -- & asked him -- "Doesn't your teacher pay Temple tax?"  Peter replied: -- "Of course He does."  Then Peter went into the house to talk to Jesus about it.  But before Peter even had a chance to speak -- Jesus asked him -- "What do you think -- Peter? -- Do kings tax their own people -- or the foreigners they have conquered?"  Peter replied: -- "They tax the foreigners."  Jesus said: -- "Well, then, the citizens are free! -- However, we don't want to offend them; -- so go down to the lake & throw in a line. -- Open the mouth of that first fish you catch -- & you will find a coin. -- Take the coin & pay the tax for both of us" (Matthew 17:24-27 NLT).


Now I can only imagine what Peter must have thought!  "Tax money in a fish's mouth? -- This I've got to see -- I've been a fisherman all my life -- & I've seen a lot of things inside fish -- worms, hooks,  seaweed -- but I've never seen a coin inside a fish!"  Yet, when Peter reeled in the first flopping fish -- Peter opened its mouth to find a shining coin!  The amount was enough to pay their taxes -- just as Jesus had said!


Now -- why did the Holy Spirit move upon Matthew to record this story?  Why did Jesus choose to fix their situation through a miracle?  Why didn't Jesus just take up an offering?  Why not send the disciples out to work for a day to bring in enough wages to pay the taxes?


I believe Jesus moved supernaturally here because He wanted to prove that He'll do the impossible for us!  He can fix any financial problem -- any family crisis -- any overwhelming need! -- Nothing in your life is beyond God's ability to fix!  Our God can fix anything!


Conclusion: -- We need to hear again the Lord's challenge to Sarah -- "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"


This is not an declaration -- or a proclamation -- rather, it is in the form of a question!  It comes as a question because faith requires a decision!  The question demands an answer -- a response from us!


Today I say to you with a deep, heartfelt love -- if you want spiritual victory -- if you want freedom -- if you want to see God work in your life -- then believe that God is able!  You have to believe that nothing in your life is impossible with God!  His wisdom & power & love are perfect!  Learn to trust God -- even on uncertain paths!  Remember -- God can do anything -- but more importantly -- He always does the right thing!  So take hold of God's promises by faith; -- believe God can absolutely change & transform your life! -- He can fix your brokenness!


Facing an impossibility gives us the opportunity to trust God!  Our God can fix anything!  When we have faith -- when we rely on God -- when we give God time --then truly nothing is impossible!


When we depend on ourselves -- people see what we can do -- & our testimony is: -- "Didn't I do well!"  But when we depend on God -- people see what God can do -- & our testimony is: -- "Didn't God do well!"


If God provided a son for Abraham & Sarah in their old age;

If God provided deliverance for the demon-possessed boy;

If God provided life for Jairus' daughter who was dead;

If God provided a coin from a fish to pay the taxes;

Then God can provide for you!


The whole Biblical story tells us -- Nothing is impossible for God!  That is why today -- right now, in faith -- we can sing the praises of the God with Whom nothing is impossible!  Our God can fix anything!  He is saying to you this very moment -- "I'm your God, & I can fix it!"


Nothing is impossible when you put your trust in God.

Nothing is impossible when you're trusting in His Word.

Hearken to the voice of God to thee:

"Is there anything too hard for Me?"

Then put your trust in God alone -- & rest upon His Word.

For ev'rything -- oh,  ev'rything

Yes,  ev'rything is possible with God!



Pastor Lyle Pettit -- Wynne Chapel -- Cochise, AZ 85606