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Youth Policies For
Parents and Students

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This brief list of policies was created to convey what is needed from the students and parents to make youth fellowship events safe and meaningful.

During youth fellowship meetings we often play high energy games and sports along with other outdoor activities. We are diligent regarding the safety of everyone participating, but accidents do happen. By allowing attendance at youth events, the parents of the attendees are consenting to the participation of their students in these events and assume the inherent risks.

Target Ages
The youth programs at Wynne Chapel span from toddlers to young adults. To minister effectively to the needs of the youth, there must be some division of ministries according to the maturity of the students. Because of the subject material we deal with in the youth fellowship, the attention span required, and the maturity level required to participate in the functions of the youth fellowship, the grade level of the students attending the weekly meetings is the 7th grade and up. Over the summer months we consider you to still be in the grade you've just completed, until school begins again. For special activities that require more responsibility from the group, such as large hikes, more dangerous activities, and missions trips, the required grade level will be raised according to the discretion of the youth leaders and publicized within the group. If a special youth event is appropriate for younger students, then we will lower the required grade level in an effort to reach out to the younger youth.

We believe that we are called to glorify God in all things, which includes dress. Students are expected to dress appropriately, as is compatible with a Christian environment. Clothing that is disruptive, provocative, revealing, vulgar, profane, or offensive is not allowed. Examples of this include exposed undergarments, sagging pants, excessively short or tight clothes, bare midriff shirts, strapless shirts, illustrations that are lewd, indecent or vulgar, see-through clothing, and attire that exposes cleavage. Below is an outline to help you make good choices with regard to dress.
  • Pants and shorts must not sag below the waist.
  • No muscle shirts or mesh tops.
  • Clothing must cover the abdomen, back, and shoulders.
  • Short-skirts, mini skirts, and spandex are inappropriate.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must extend beyond fingertip length.
  • When swimming, one piece swim suits are required; tops that overlap bottom pieces are not one piece.
Disruptive behavior, which includes not following the directions of youth leaders, being disrespectful to leaders or students, and attitudes that are contrary to the unity of our group will be disciplined. This includes being dismissed from the fellowship indefinitely.

As is the case for students driving to high school, for our weekly meetings, we ask that the parents be responsible for the comings and goings of their students. Because we cannot verify how each student arrives at youth meetings, we cannot enforce how they are to leave.

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